Spotlight: Talking About Journeys with Rhythmology Instructor Carolina Montilla.

Having global dance influences is important to us. Because of this, we get to experience a wonderful sense of diversity in our socials and classes. Even our teachers are travelers moving around the world. We are happy to have such a nomad among us Carolina Montilla, originally from Castellon, Spain. Carolina who has quickly taken a leadership role at Rhythmology spent her youth training in many prestigious dance schools including: The Maica Dance Center, the Professional Dance Conservatory of Cordoba, and the Superior Dance Conservatory of Malaga. In 2003, she received her professional Ballroom instructor certification, and began teaching latin dance.


In 2009, she received a Dance Pedagogy BA Degree with a specialty in Flamenco Dance Pedagogy. Upon receiving this degree, she began traveling throughout the country, teaching and performing with her own professional company called: Enchanteuses. While traveling, she also served as a jury member for National and International Dance Competitions in Spain including: the BachataOpen, and the European Ballroom Championship. In 2012, she decided to continue her studying and training in the United States. She currently resides in New York, where she continues to develop her pedagogical and professional skills with the Rhythmology family.

We catch up with Carolina after the jump to see what motivates her to dance and to talk about her journey.

“I love the feeling I get when I listen to music and
it comes into my body and becomes movement.” -CM

Rhythmology: You started dancing at a young age. What was it about dance that attracted you so early?

Carolina: Since I was a baby, when I listened to music, my body started moving and I enjoyed that a lot… It made me happy and I could spend hours and hours dancing in my living room. I used to go up to my neighbor’s door to show them my new dance and they always loved it. So, I guess it helped me to keep on. But the real reason is… I dance for myself, since the beginning. I love the feeling I have when I listen to music and it comes into my body and becomes movement. I just love it all! It’s another way to express myself. It’s my breath and heartbeat. Dance wasn’t a choice in my life. Dance is my life, because it’s a part of me. If I stop dancing, I cease to exist.

Rhythmology: What has been the toughest part about dedicating yourself to this art-form?

Carolina: The toughest part is society. People at large don’t think that being a dancer is a real job. They always ask if you do something else for a living. Society doesn’t take dancers seriously. They just see it as something cool. We are artists who are expected to do our jobs for a cheap price or for free. People don’t appreciate how hard we work and how many hours we have to dedicate to it. They don’t understand all the passion it takes to show them something good or decent.

Rhythmology: You have done it all in dance. You’ve been a soloist, dance instructor, team coach, adjudicator and often wear many other hats. With all of your diverse experience what do you consider a career highlight?

Carolina: Honestly, I don’t think I have a specific highlight in my career. Everything I have done has been special in a certain way. I feel blessed being surrounded by a lot of great dancers from all around the world. They have greater hearts. But if I have to choose something, the fact that I came to New York without knowing anything or anybody and was able to little by little make my way into being a part of the dance scene. NY is one of the most difficult cities in the World and here I am, doing what I love everyday. Dancing and in New York!

Rhythmology: What do you hope to accomplish next?

Carolina: I would love to take to the theatre an intercultural project that I’m working on. Where people can see the influence of Latin music on Flamenco and vice-versa. And I want to do it in New York!