Streaming Salsa and Bachata Music

Over the years, many of my students have asked for Salsa and Bachata music advice.  What is a good song to practice?  Where can I find a song that is playing the clave or the tumbao rhythm?  Through out time we have applied different technological solutions, but I think this is by far the best.  A relatively new company called Spotify has made it possible and social to share curated music playlists.  I have decided to make my first blog post about this list and to introduce to a little fun project. Allow me to introduce DJ Fro! I will be curating a list of Salsa and Bachata for us to party, listen and enjoy. I started it a bit ago but I am going to come back to it and edit, delete, add any song that is not perfect for the list. Feel free to leave me some comments on which song you would like to add to the list.  See you all in class, parties or just online.