Are Dance Competitions a Good Idea?

Dance competition teams are becoming more and more popular in today’s day and age. This could be because of the hit TV show Dance Moms. However, is this a good thing to put young dancers through? I believe that competition teams are good in theory. It helps to give young dancers a sense of togetherness when competing in group routines. ¨There is no I in team¨, group routines will help to teach them this. It teaches them to work with each other and not against each other. It also allows young dancers to see what else is out there. It shows them different techniques and styles that they might not be used to. It allows them to meet new dancers and teachers. A little competition is always good. It shows young dancers what they have to work toward. It can show them they might be the best in their own studio, but there are other people out there who are better than them. This gives them something to work toward and can help them become a better dancer. 

However, it is up to the parents and teachers to decide when a dancer is ready to compete. It is also up to them to make sure that he or she can handle the stress of it all. If a child is unable to handle it then he or she should stop competing. Dance Moms shows the unhealthy side to competitions. Unfortunately, a lot of young dancers want to join competition teams because of this show. They are seeing how famous the girls in that show are becoming and they want to become that famous as well. Young dancers want to go to Abby Lee Miller’s dance studio so they can get their 15 minutes of fame and meet all the girls who are becoming celebrities. This is unhealthy. This is the side that you should not want your child or student to be involved in. You want the competitions to be a friendly and positive environment instead of a negative one. Yes, there is such a thing as friendly competition. You want your student or child to get their 15 minutes of fame in a healthy way. One, that won’t do harm to them. 

As long as it is done in a healthy and positive way, dance competitions can be a good thing.