Ballet is the Core of all Other Styles of Dance

During the Italian Renaissance the dance style Ballet formed. Ballet since has become the most important form of dance. It is the core of all other styles of dance. Without Ballet, other forms of dance wouldn’t exist. In every form of dance, the basics of Ballet are there. Which is why it is so important that all children who are taking dance classes are exposed to it and have a basic understanding of it. Ballet is the building blocks of all other styles of dance. You wouldn’t teach a baby how to walk without having him or her crawl first. Therefore, dancers should know Ballet before they know other styles of dance. This isn’t to say students can’t take other styles of dance. However, they should be taking Ballet classes on top of those other classes. In almost all styles of dance people do turns. Where did turning come from? Ballet. Where can people learn to turn the best? Ballet class. There are also other steps that originated from Ballet that have been brought into other dance forms. So, where better to learn those steps than Ballet class. Ballet terminology is also the language for all the dance forms.

Ballet isn’t only the core for all dancers. Figure skaters, and a lot of sports players take ballet class as well. Ballet teaches them how to control their body. It gives them a better understanding of how their bodies move. It also helps to build their strength and flexibility, all of these things which are so important in their career. It also helps them to be more graceful, yes even sports players can be graceful. It helps to give them speed, balance, discipline and mental focus.

Ballet isn’t easy. It is a physically challenging art form, which can also take a lot out of you mentally. You can be in a lot of pain after one class, but it is rewarding. It teaches you everything you need to know about all other dance styles. Which is why it it’s so important that everyone who dances should take Ballet classes and have a basic understanding of this style.