Stretching is Very Beneficial to Dancers

At the start of every dance class the instructor will start class by stretching and making sure the dancers bodies are warm. ¬†There are many benefits to stretching not just before you dance, but in general as well. Stretching will increase your flexibility, increase your technique, and keeps your muscles warm that way you don’t do anything that could do damage to your body.

Injuries are common in the world of dance. Almost every single dancer will hurt his or herself at least once in his or her career. Stretching before you dance is so important because it helps to prevent injuries. Stretching after you dance is also a good way to prevent injuries. You want to make sure your body is staying warm and ready to do whatever steps you may need to do. If your body isn’t warm then you are more likely to cause a serious injury. With that being said. Dancers need to make sure that every part of their body is being stretched. They should not just focus on one section of their bodies, you will never know when in class you are going to be using certain muscles, so you should always make sure to warm up every muscle you can think of. However, you can focus on certain areas longer than other areas. For example if you have previously injured a part of your body you might want to make sure that section stays extra warm in order to prevent re-injuring it.

Stretching is also important for other things as well. Stretching allows a dancer to become in tuned with his or her body. While stretching dancers can understand when something feels right within their body or when something feels wrong. It is important for dancers to understand their body so they are aware of just how far they can push their bodies without causing serious injuries.

There are many different types of stretches that dancers can do. They just need to make sure they are doing it in ways that are beneficial. While stretching you want it to hurt a little bit, but you don’t want it to be painful. If you are feeling pain then you should stop.

Stretching is very beneficial, it’ll increase flexibility, help alignment, and prevents injuries. Always make sure to stretch before and after you dance.¬†