Is Dance an Art Form or Sport?

Shanna La Fleur said ¨it takes an athlete to dance but an artist to be a dancer.¨ This is commonly brought up subject and it tends to be very controversial. Is dance an art form or a sport? I believe that dance is an art form, but it does have components of sports. Anyone can dance, but not everyone can do it well. Dancers need to have strength, endurance, which are all things that people who play sports need to have as well. Sure, dance is just as demanding as sports but it’s an art form. Through dance you are able to tell a story without using any words. You can tell a story solely through your body language. People who play sports aren’t telling a story. While dancing, you need to change yourself into someone else, into a character. Sports players don’t have to do that.

The competition world of dance has been causing people to think twice about whether dance is an art or a sport. People who say if a dancer is competing that makes them sports players. However, yes competition teams are causing dancers to compete with other people. However, dancers if they are on competition teams or not, they have to compete everyday. They are competing with other dancers to get that lead role, but they are also competing with themselves to improve themselves and be the best they can be.

Dance is also a creative form. It allows people to express themselves. Sports players don’t get to be creative. They have a set of rules that they have to follow or they’ll get in trouble and put into a time out. Dance has no set rules. You don’t have to listen to any rules, the choreographer can have his or her dancers do whatever steps he or she would like to do. Sure in Ballet dancers usually want their feet turned out, but they don’t have to be. A choreographer can easily tell the dancers to have their feet turned in, and still have it be a Ballet piece.

George Balanchine once said ¨someone once said that dancers work just as hard as policemen, always alert, always tense. But I don’t agree with that because policemen don’t have to look beautiful at the same time.¨ Sports players are always alert, always tense, but they don’t have to look beautiful at the same time. They can look as ugly as they want. Dancers have to look beautiful and graceful while they perform. I once read ¨Male dancers can lift a 120 lb girl over their head and make it look effortless. But congrats on being able to throw a ball… that doesn’t even get caught sometimes.¨ I’ve been a dancer for the past 19 years and I believe that dance is an art form.