Art Education Benefits Children

“Art has the role of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else.” said Sydney Gurewitz Clemens. Sydney Clemens has been devoted to early childhood education for the past 50 years. She uses her love for the arts to help them grow as individuals and help them with their education. The arts have a huge impact on children’s lives. However, more and more schools are cutting the arts out of their programs. In most schools, art education consists of dance, music, visual, and theatre. When it comes time to do the budget and cuts have to be made; these are the first classes to go. During the 2009-2010 school year only 3% of schools across the United States funded dance classes.
In recent years the implementation of Common Core and the No Child Left Behind Act have been taking over school systems. These programs have put all of the focus on Math, English, and testing. Elementary school children are coming home with 4 hours of homework a night, on top of being in school for 7 hours; that’s a total of 11 hours of school work; multiple that by 5 days a week and that’s 77 hours of school work a week. That is more hours of work than adults who work a full time job. Children have also been learning topics that their brains are physically incapable to comprehend. For example; 2nd graders are being taught what 4th graders should be learning. This alone stresses them out, and then add the amount of work they are getting.
Art education has many benefits to young children. It gives them the opportunity to be creative. It allows them to express themselves and get out any feelings they may have bottled up inside. Children can create something and feel proud about it. Dance can also improve their physical health. Dance allows children to become aware of their body through the various movements they might have to do. It also allows children to interact with other children. Through this they can develop lifelong friendships. Dance can also teach children how to work together. This is something that is very important for children to learn at an early age. Dance can also be a stress reliever, especially to young children. Dancing will allow them to get out all the energy they were bottling up because they had to sit behind a desk for 7 hours at school.
Clearly art education is important for young children. It needs to be brought back into schools. If children are denied the opportunity to have an art education then museums, theatres, dance companies, bands etc. could be extinct one day because children now aren’t being introduced to these programs. Art education teaches children to be creative, have confidence, and so much more. We need to bring art education back into school programs.

the arts are the building blocks of education