Are Valentine’s Day Dances a Good Idea for Children?

Love is in the air this week with Valentine’s Day coming up this Sunday. Looking back I remember being in elementary school when I was in 6th grade. That was our graduating year so the school had a Valentine’s Day dance for us. It was held in the gym and was decorated by hearts and cupids everywhere. There were tables of chips, pretzels, cookies and different types of drinks. There was a sea of red and pink from everyone wear those traditional colors. I wore a red sweater with a jean skirt and tan boots. Even the boys were apart of the festivities and wore red (even though most of their moms made them wear red). This was our first school dance and we were all so excited, at least the girls were anyway. It was held right after school, so we had just enough time to get from our classroom to the gym. There was a DJ and everything.
We walked in and the music was playing, and what ended up happening in a matter of minutes is the boys ended up on one side of the room, and the girls ended up on the other side of the room. Of course this would happen right? We were at that awkward age where we didn’t know what to do with each other. Eventually all the girls started dancing and having fun on their own. The teachers came over to us and told us to get the boys to dance. Although we were hesitant at first we eventually did. Before we knew it we were all dancing with each other. It was a sea of red and pink!

a sea of red and pink

Valentine’s Day is an interesting holiday. It makes some people feel like they have to find love and if they don’t then they are considered to be an outcast. People who are single tend to hate this holiday. So, is it a good idea to have Valentine’s Day Dances? Should those teachers have forced us to dance with each other?
I think Valentine’s Day dances are a good idea. It allows children to get that excited, giddy feeling I was able to have when I was younger. Children these days are so stressed by school work and after school activities, they deserve to be able to have some fun with classmates after school. It allows them to have social interaction with one another and hang out with people they might not usually hang out with. It also allows children to get used to the idea of love. It was a good thing our teachers pushed us to go dance with the boys. It allowed us to get used to interacting with the opposite sex. Why not dance with them? We would be doing it in the years to come and doing it with our teachers around allowed us to do it in a safe environment. Valentine’s Day Dances are a good idea. It sets children up for their future in a fun and positive way.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!