Why You Should be Happy Your Child Dances

It all started by taking your little three year old girl to her first dance class. It was just something to fill her time, keep her busy, maybe make a few friends. Then she comes home and continues to dance around the house. Practicing everything that she learned that day in class. Everyday she asks when she gets to go back to dance.
Before you know it, you’re complaining about all the time you spend driving her to and from class. You complain that every year classes seem to get later and later, you want to go to sleep and she has school in the morning. You think of everything else you have to do, yet you find yourself going to pick her up from the studio, again. Then there’s the financial factor. The shoes, the costumes, the tuition, the tickets to go see her perform, and more costumes, and more shoes. She gets older and you start to worry. She’s missing out on opportunities. She doesn’t do many school activities. She doesn’t get to spend a lot of time on the weekends with her friends. And spending time with the family? Forget about that. When is she ever home for dinner?
My advice to dance parents…don’t blink! Before you know it, she is going to be taking the stage for the last time. There will come a time that bow at the end of a performance will be her final bow. Soon, all those dance shoes around her room and all those costumes in her closet will be gone. Are you going to remember the money spent, all the time wasted? No. You won’t remember any of that.
You will remember the amazing things dance has given her. Dance has given her the ability to prioritize, and multitask. Dance has taught her how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is now able to handle pressure and last minute changes. She can appreciate music that isn’t considered to be popular. Dance taught her how to work with others, even if she doesn’t always like them. Dance has taught her all about work ethic and being able to pay attention to her surrounding area.
Moms and Dads, pat yourself on the back, it’s because of you, your daughter has turned into the amazing young woman that she is. You are the ones who spent a lot of time and money on her dance life. It might not seem like it right now, but be happy your child dances. Enjoy it while it lasts. That decision you made all of those years ago, was one of the best decisions you made as parents. People give her a round of applause all of the time, but you deserve one too!

lynnmariemeyfohrt (5)
One of our instructors Lynn at her

very first dance recital!