Legend Michael Flatley Retires

“Nothing is impossible, follow your dreams” said Michael Flatley. Mr. Flatley has certainly been able to follow his dreams. Since he was a little boy he always had this dream of dancing on broadway, and lucky for him he has been able to accomplish this.
Michael Flatley is a world famous Irish Step dancer, and received his fame in 1994 when he created “Riverdance” and then 2 years later he created the even more famous show “Lord of the Dance”. This show is now world famous. As said in our last blog Irish dancing has no upper body movement and is very rigid. However, Michael Flatley broke the barriers and incorporated upper body movement into his shows. This show broke away from the traditional Irish dances, which was a big risk for Mr. Flatley but luckily for him, people loved it.

Michael Flatley performing in “Lord of the Dance”

. In 1998 “Lord of the Dance” broke box office records. At the Wembley Arena in London, there was 21 consecutive shows of “Lord of the Dance”, no other production has been able to break that record since. This past winter, “Lord of the Dance” came to New York City, and Michael Flatley was able to accomplish his dream of wanting to dance on Broadway.
On March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day (today), will be his last performance. At the age of 57 Michael Flatley is retiring due to having injuries in his spine, knee, a torn calf muscle, 2 ruptured Achilles tendons, a fractured rib, and a broken bone in his foot. In one interview he said “It’s bittersweet, I feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. I wanted to prove that dance could sell out in major arenas around the world. It’s the icing on the cake to end with Broadway.” Although he is retiring from performing, he is not retiring from the show completely. He will still be managing and directing the shows, as well as helping to choose the costumes the dancers wear. He might not be performing anymore but he will continue to make an impact in dance history!

Check out this video of Michael Flatley performing in “Lord of the Dance”