The Many Benefits of Dancing

     These days there are so many TV shows related to the dancing world. So You Think You Can Dance, Dance Moms, and Bunheads, it is causing more and more people to want to start dancing. People realize how dance is very beneficial physically, however what a lot of people don’t realize is that dance has other benefits beside just better physical health.

     Studies have shown that dance helps to boost the memory. This can help to prevent from getting dementia when people become older. Dancing helps to increase the Hippocampus part of the brain. As people age the Hippocampus naturally starts to get smaller but dance helps to keep this part of the brain active.

    Dance is also known to reduce stress and depression. When people dance a chemical called Dopamine is released inside of the brain. This chemical is what causes people to feel happy, and is known as a “natural high”. So if you are feeling stressed or upset about something, get up, put some music on and start dancing! You are sure to feel much better after a dancing session. I know I always do!

This image shows where the Hippocampus is located in the brain

     Having heart problems? There was a study done in Italy that said dancing helps more people with heart diseases than biking or walking does. Their breathing and heart rate significantly improved compared to other people’s. Dance lessons might just be what the doctor ordered!

     To me dance is so much more than a activity to keep me physically fit. It helps to keep me happy and helps me to keep my mind off of things. There is a quote that says “you have a diary, I have a dance floor”. That is what dance is to me, it is my therapy session, my diary. It is a way for me to release all negative feelings. I hope dance can be the way it is for me, for all of you!