The Creative Alternative Dance & Arts Camp is an affordable 8 week day-camp for kids ran by Rhythmology. CADAC is geared towards creating little performers out of your children. Our dance and arts camp provide kids the necessary tools to share their unique ideas and expressions. Campers practice various dance styles including Salsa, Bachata, Hip Hop and Ballet. They participate in wellness activities including stretching, yoga and meditation. Daily visual arts and crafts workshops, allow campers to think by making things. Campers will learn the building blocks as they work towards a camper produced final performance. Weekly field trips, talent nights and themed days add to a camp culture of budding creatives. Camp hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm.


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Summer Curriculum Breakdown

Each class in our program implements a well designed syllabus that is age and level appropriate with weekly programs and daily activities. During the entire session, students work towards an end of summer performance adding a focus and backbone to the curriculum. The diverse activities are scheduled to maximize the campers’ time learning and growing while creating the most enjoyable experience and memories. Character development is stressed along with the acquisition of new dance and art skills. We want campers to enjoy a wholistic and fulfilling summer. One that allows kids to be kids, with opportunities for play, discovery, organic growth, adventure and learning from hands-on experiences. We strive to create an environment that supports each child on their unique journey of self-discovery and the personal process of developing their identity.

We have geared our camp towards providing exposure to diverse art forms with opportunities for collaboration between campers across disciplines. We seek to develop well rounded young performers that achieve an artistic depth early in their career that many mature performers hardly achieve. We do this by creating a safe, creative, inspiring environment where we craft opportunities and experiences that invite them to dare, to try, to succeed, to fail, and to still be ok either way. Our goal is to help each child find a special place within themselves that is the base from which they can confidently step out into the world with a unique voice.


Our mission is to create a place where youth can participate in the arts as a means of self expression. To develop and refine technical skills to serve this expression. To build a sense of positive affiliation with a community of fellow artists/performers. To develop a sense of responsibility for the goals of one’s artistic expression. To develop social awareness of and responsibility for the role of the arts in society.

We are committed to carefully curating a summer arts program filled with stimulating and enriching workshops focusing on exploring a wide variety of techniques and materials. Taught by a seasoned and caring staff of teachers who will help open minds and change lives. We aim to create a place where the magic and wonder of childhood still lives. To mold children with vision and agency to make their dreams come true.

Dance Philosophy

Movement and dance plays an important role in the development of young children. Childhood represent a time of rapid growth and change as children become aware of their own bodies and it’s limits. This is not a time to achieve perfect dance skills, instead we focus on coordination, fluidity and musicality. In addition to the numerous physical benefits of learning dance at an early age there are tremendous social advantages. Our dance classes provide an inspiring environment in which kids can develop self-confidence, self-esteem, team building and social skills.

Art Philosophy

We don’t see art as a way to keep student busy. Instead we see a chance to present challenges and pose tough questions. This allows an opportunity for campers to discover themselves and their potential through making art. We teach risk-taking and the hard work of artistic commitment. In the process children develop essential character and life skills: confidence, creativity, problem solving, and resourcesfulness. These skills will help students become creative thinkers and apply their problem solving approach to any future they wish to pursue.


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