We are honored to have a partnership with the New York Cosmos and New York Cosmos Girls. The team won the 2013 NASL title in their revamp year since reviving the time honored club where the legendary Pele once played. The New York Cosmo Girls call our dance studios home. They use our studios for try outs, season practices and other special projects.

We are ecstatic to work with the youth and provide the young ladies of Girls Scouts of America Nassau County a fun and enriching activity. We create programs where the girls learn how to work together, communicate and move to the beat. Our programs are tailored towards the Girl Scouts schedule and values. Our goal is to help the Girl’s Scouts mold girls into productive members of society by using dance as a tool for learning.

We are always humbled to work with our community. Rhythmology started in Nassau County and we are glad to be able to contribute back to the entertainment needs of the county. We provide public dance lessons, and public entertainment programming for the county. Our signature annual event is Noche Latina which invites Latinos from across all of Latin America to a night of art, dance, music and food.